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Tiger Tap Release - March 2010

iByMemory is the iPhone & iPod touch version of a memorization assistance tool first created more than 20 years ago.

Users have experienced a 40% increase in memorization speed.

- Memorize speeches, religious material, theater scripts, educational content, sales approaches, etc.

- Easily change the level of difficulty to make material become progressively harder.

- Quickly reopen previously viewed documents through the "History".

- Upload your own text via wireless connection.

- Organize documents into folders for effective organization.

- Wireless connection required.

Please contact us with questions or concerns about iByMemory at

For help with file transfer please see our iByMemory File Transfer Overview section.

If you have a feature request or an issue to report please email us. Here is a list of features and reported issues to date. Feature Request and Reported Issues.

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